3 Easy Ways to Get Connected and Be Encouraged

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2. Join Our Online Community

If you’d like to be part of an empowering and solution-focused community, consider joining my Facebook group, Rock & Recovery with Heidi Le. Membership and posts are completely private and anonymous from the rest of Facebook, with respect to the tradition of anonymity in recovery. To join, click the photo below.

3. Get My Book & Album :)

Confessions of the Broken includes an album AND book. The music is rockin' and bluesy, with authentic lyrics your soul will say "Yes" to. The book looks deeper into the story of each song—ultimately my story of recovery from codependency. You'll hear more about my journey of healing from perfectionism, depression, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms. I am now thriving, able to love myself and others from a place of wholeness and overflow. I believe it will encourage and empower you in your own journey. Click the photo for more info...

Bonus! Let's Get Social!

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